I wanted to write this blog with a "notes to myself" format, but I would be extremely happy if these notes help other people too.

Worked for years as a back-end developer using technologies such as .NET, Python, C, C++, Oracle. But recent years with the rise of NodeJS and EcmaScript found myself coding for client quite a lot and using cloud computing for the server side needs. So ending up being a "full stack" developer I found it both difficult(sometimes) and interesting(always) to catch up with all the technologies that I need. So writing this blog I will have an opportunity to keep track of the difficulties I have and how I solve them.

I will be writing about general software development as well as some hobby electronics using Arduino, Raspberry etc. I also play stringed instruments for a local band The Gannets, and go for surf sessions for a few days in a week. So I also plan to write about music and surfing too.

Contact Information

cuneyt(at)(this domain)